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I am currently using them for a client of mine and wow!

I uesd the braces for a lab with severe joint issues from my client and my own cocker spaniel as working dog with quite tight lower back. I really am supportive of these products, I think they are really cool!I also use 10mins prior to exercise to warm up the muscles and 10 mins in the morning/after long periods of rest to help with any pain.

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As a retired Police dog, Jocker can get up to the car again!

Jocker is a retired Police dog and has pain in his joints. He refused to get on the car because of the chronic pain before. After using the heating therapy brace for about 4 weeks, and now he can get on the car! The temperature makes him comfortable every time he use it. Highly recommended!

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Treat Your Dog's Pain and Arthritis Without Drugs

Using a heated brace will help improve healing and treat the chronic pain of arthritis in your dog. Don't underestimate how much difference combining all of the management options available to your dog can make to their comfort and wellbeing!

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She just falls asleep, makes me feel like she is really comforta

Twix the BC is 11, Isabelle the Husky mix is 16. Both Twix and Isabelle go on 2 walks 20 min each walk everyday.I have Twix wear the back brace on his morning walk for the warm up, and in the evenings before bedtime. Isabelle in the morning after her exercise and in the evening before bedtime. The size seems to be just perfect for my dogs. My dogs do seem to like it. Isabelle just falls asleep, which makes me feel like she is really comfortable. I like how easy they are to put on! I would absolutely recommend these to owners and even rehab/physical therapy facilities.

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I am definitely happy with the outcome!

My senior dog has severe Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia. Unfortunately he doesn't like the supplements, storms or loud noises, so I decided to get a free trial for PetieTec targeted heated braces. They worked well for my dog and he liked them! As you can see, he can stand up and walk again! I didn't have to take him to vet because she was home-used and so relaxed when using it. I am definitely happy with the outcome!